Marketing Associate
  • Excellent writing/communication skills, proficient in English reading/writing
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience in statistical research, cybermarketing and/or in E-Commerce business preferred
  • Passionate, diligent and effective learner
  • Detail oriented, patient and meticulous

Compensation/Benefits for full time Marketing Associate:
  • RMB 5000-6000 per month for starters
  • Very dynamic pay structures, with an encouraging ladder system containing 10+ tiers per position, where promotion/salary upgrade may happen three times within a single fiscal year
  • Extremely flexible working environment, including flextime/variable work schedule, virtually unlimited “work from home” approvals, special entertainment zones in office etc.
  • Comprehensive benefit & reward system, including all standard social benefits plus versatile living expense allowances, monthly and yearly incentive packages, competitive annual leave design, in-house massage services, international corporate trips, self defined training programs and more
  • Intensive ownership sharing, right now around 25% of our members are eligible to receive Pegasus’s shareholder dividends